Overland Yukon
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Yukon & Alaska Photography Tour

with Braedin Toth

Tour Details

This is a dream tour for adventure enthusiasts and photographers who want to explore the north. We will travel around the Yukon and South-East Alaska, exploring the beauty the wilderness has to offer. We have lodges booked for each night of the tour along with planned activities such as campfires, hikes and other guided tours. Please note, travel into Whitehorse, Yukon is not included with the tour price.


July 25th, 2019

Trip Length

8 Days, 8 Nights

Travel Style

Adventure, Photography


Lodges, Shared Rooms


14 Spots Available



meet braedin

Braedin Toth is the founder and creative director of Vancouver, Canada based marketing firm, Toth Media. He is most known for his adventurous photo and film work posted daily on his Instagram @braedin. He is represented by Sony as an alpha imaging collective member and utilizes the latest tech to produce content that is frequently shared across the web. Chances are you’ve seen his work on every corner of the internet including the front page of Reddit, videos shared by Magazines on Facebook accumulating millions of views, or in the Instagram stories of creators from across the world. His team has worked with notable clients such as Visa, Expedia, Toyota, Ford, Budweiser, Air Canada, Audible and many tourism boards. Braedin’s goal is to provide the best quality experience for his clients, employees, and audience while living a life full of adventure.

Braedin will be sharing his talents with all of you. From shooting photos to post production editing. If you want to say hi, he’s extremely active on his social accounts. Drop him a line and let him know you’re in.

Instagram: @braedin - Facebook: facebook.com/tothmedia - Website: www.tothmedia.ca


Sony has generously donated 8 gear kits for our tour. These gear kits include roughly 8 cameras and a variety of lenses to demo. Please bring plenty of SD cards, your camera, lenses and any other photo/video gear you may have. The Sony gear kits will be cycled around the tour so everyone has an opportunity to shoot with them.

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Day 1

Summary: Meet up with the crew, make acquaintances, talk about past adventures and the excitement of this one. Hit up a few of the favourite local spots (Midnight Sun Coffee, Klondike Rib & Salmon), head out on a quick nature walk, tour the Yukon Wildlife preserve, take a dip into the hot springs and enjoy lodging at the Sundog Retreat.


  • Miles Canyon Nature Walk

  • Yukon Wildlife Preserve

  • Takhini Hot springs

Accommodation: Sundog Retreat

Meals Covered: Traveler to purchase their own breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 2

Summary: Wake up for breakfast and hit the road towards Kluane National Park. First stop; Discovery Icefield for a glacier flight and landing on Mt Logan (Canada’s highest peak). Photograph the mountain ranges, glaciers (and second plane up in flight) for an unforgettable experience. Enjoy lunch on site and head towards the Kluane National Park interpretive center for a 4 hour hike up Sheep Creek. Head back to the Mt Logan Lodge after an adventure filled day and enjoy a meal cooked for you.

Activities: Discovery Icefield Glacier Tour, Sheep Creek Hike

Accommodation: Mt Logan Lodge

Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner provided.

Day 3

Summary: After a jam packed first two days, day three is all about nature. Immerse yourself in the Yukon back-country with a hike up Kings Throne (Kathleen Lake). After the hike, grab a bite to eat and put the feet up to rest. In the evening, we’ll start up a campfire near Quill Creek and enjoy the camp vibes.

Activities: Kings Throne Hike, Kathleen Lake, Quill Creek Campfire

Accommodation: Mt Logan Lodge

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided.

Day 4

Summary: Pack up your gear and get ready to hit the road. We’ll drive up to Haines, Alaska stopping for photographs along the way. If you’re feeling adventurous, add Whitewater rafting into your booking and river raft the Tatsenshini before making our way to Haines, Alaska. Check in to the hotel, check out the town and grab dinner at a place of your choice. Be sure to bring your passport as we will be entering into the United States.

Activities: Tatsenshini Expeditions (Optional - $165)

Accommodation: Aspen Suites

Meals: Breakfast and lunch provided. Traveler to purchase their own dinner.

Day 5

Summary: We’ll head towards the Chilkat State Park to view bears, eagles and other local wildlife. The scenic location makes for a peaceful setting to hangout for the day. We’ll take it slow for the day and utilize the hotel internet to work on some photo editing and tutorials instructed by Braedin Toth.

Activities: Wildlife viewing (bears/eagles).

Accommodation: Aspen Suites

Meals: Breakfast provided. Traveler to purchase their own lunch and dinner.

Summary: Today, we’ll travel from From Haines, AK to Skagway, AK on the AMHS (Alaska Marine Highway System) at 2PM. The ferry is about an hour, but requires a check in two (2) hours prior to departure. Once in Haines, the crew will have free time to explore the town and grab a bite to eat.

Activities: Free time in Skagway, AK.

Accommodation: Chilkoot Outpost

Meals: Breakfast and snacks provided. Traveler to purchase their own dinner.

Day 6

Summary: Get your hiking shoes out, were headed to Upper Dewey Lake in the morning (may be substituted for hiking International Falls, depending on group difficulty level). We’ll check out a short walking trail to Reid Falls and then give the group more free time in Skagway, Alaska. Once we head back to the Chilkoot Outpost, we’ll have a campfire and dinner.

Activities: Upper Dewey Lake, Reid Falls, Free time.

Accommodation: Chilkoot Outpost

Meals: Breakfast provided. Traveler to purchase their own lunch and dinner.

Day 7

Summary: Time to head back into Canada. We’ll drive along the Fraser highway and stop at several locations for photo opportunities. Once we hit carcross, the group will have some free time to venture around the town, grab a coffee and a nice meal before hitting the road to Whitehorse for dinner and a drink. Once were all fueled up, we’ll head to the hot springs for a nice soak.

Activities: Carcross Commons, Hot springs

Accommodation: Sundog Retreat (or similar)

Meals: Breakfast provided. Traveler to purchase their own lunch and dinner.

Day 8

Summary: Sleep in and enjoy your morning at Sundog retreat. Hang with the group, exchange numbers, showcase photos and reminisce about the trip. We’ll drive the group into Whitehorse and drop each passenger off at their requested hotel or location (within city limits).

Activities: N/A

Accommodation: N/A

Meals: Breakfast provided.

Day 9

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