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The logistics of camping can be prohibitive. And not everyone feels comfortable driving an RV, nor can they be driven everywhere (like the Dempster Highway). Overland Yukon aims to simplify this experience. We are an all-inclusive camping rental company based out of Whitehorse, Yukon. Promoting the Yukon and Alaska through an adventure experience, we rent Jeep Wranglers fully equipped with rooftop tents and all the gear needed for complete camping adventures. Just bring your sleeping bag and pillow - We've got everything else covered. And if you want to travel even lighter, add a sleeping bag and pillow into your rental during the booking process. 


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Daily rental Rates

Our Jeeps rent out for $295 per night. Each rental includes a rooftop tent and a long list of additional camping and adventure gear. To see what's included, view the section titled "Our Rides".


Optional Add-Ons

Want a sleeping bag? An extra ground tent? Fishing Gear? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Check our list of optional add-ons during the booking process.


Adventure for Everyone

Our Jeeps seat up to five people and our rooftop tents hold between 2 and 4 adults (weight dependent).  We also offer additional ground tents so nobody gets left behind. Overland Yukon vehicles can be driven into Alaska and along the Dempster Highway.  

Land of the Midnight Sun

The Land of the midnight sun

Endless Nights