Insurance Policy

All Overland Yukon Inc vehicles are insured with $2,000,000 Third Party Liability, Accident Benefits, Collision, Comprehensive and SEF No. 44. A deposit of $1,500 is required for collision and comprehensive insurance deductibles outlined in Table 1, Insurance Coverage Plan. The deposit is refundable upon the return of the vehicle in the same condition as it was received and not involved in any incident claims. Guests involved in incidents will have their deposits held (to the maximum charge listed below), for a minimum of 60 days until the incident claim is closed. Claims with a lesser value than the deposited amount will have the difference refunded to the Guest upon closing of the incident claim. The Guest is responsible for the maximum charge in Table 1, Insurance Coverage Plan where expenses include, but are not limited to: towing, storage fees, damage to Overland Yukon Inc. vehicles, damage to third party property, injury claims, insurance adjuster fees, legal fees. Overland Yukon Inc insurance coverage does not cover liability for the Guests loss of individual property, costs for accommodation, transportation or replacement of vehicle if the vehicle is stolen or an incident occurs, and the rented vehicle is inoperable. A new rental agreement (based on availability) must be signed and in place prior to a replacement vehicle is provided. All incidents must be reported by email within 24 hours and be accompanied by a written accident report and police report or file number. Failure to disclose or report any information in this 24-hour window will void the Guests insurance coverage.