Located in Whitehorse, Overland Yukon provides an adventure experience, enabling people to have an all inclusive road trip. See the Yukon in a different light (under the midnight sun), get off the beaten path and pack for the adventure of a lifetime. 

No more hassle packing up gear, setting up camp or planning regular vacations. Step into explorer mode and get off the grid into the Yukon's vast landscape, touring where you want, when you want, with fully equipped vehicles and all the requisite gear you need to camp anywhere. We're here to share the Yukon's beauty, making it more accessible and creating as many good times as possible. The keys are yours and adventure is waiting. 



We're working on local collaborations to bring you more value. Once we secure our partnerships, we'll let you know where to go, what to do and how much you can save. 


  • Direct flights from Whitehorse to Juneau, Alaska

TotaL North:

  • Satellite Phones, $25/day or $125/week

Fuel Yukon

  • Discounted Fuel at select locations.



Overland Yukon's inaugural summer season was 2018. Although we're new, we're so excited to be part of the Yukon's tourism industry. We aim to build a long history of adventures, stories and legendary summer nights under the midnight sun.

Overland Yukon started where many great stories have started in the past; a casual beer. From friends talking about business, a late night idea made enough sense to look into it further the next day. When everything added up and most of all, the passion was there, the beer battered concept turned into a business. 5 weeks after that initial beer, our vehicles were purchased and everything was full steam ahead. Rushing to make the 2018 season, we have never been happier to offer this experience in the land we grew up in. Thanks for all the support in this short whirlwind business (you know who you people are). We're just getting started. So cheers to those late night beers, campfire conversations and to crushing your fear of the unknown and allowing yourself to take the chance.  - AP