Local Pit Stops (Yukon Watering Holes)

A good beer always makes sitting around the fire with your friends, playing a card game at a picnic table or even the reward for at the peak of a long hike that much better! While in the Yukon, it is a must to try out our local breweries. Our two main breweries are Yukon Brewing and Winterlong Brewing.  


Just like all great ideas – Yukon Brewing was born while two long time Yukoners were sitting around the campfire on a canoe trip. It is now is established throughout the Yukon and workings its way through Alberta, British Columbia, and Northwest Territories. Some of their seasonal specials include: 

  • Rye IPA 6.4% - The nose has intense notes of Pineapples, Stone Fruit and pine. Fresh, spicy, fruity, and pine hop flavours hit the palate first, backed up by a smooth lightly spicy rye malt body.  
  • Plaid Anorak, Spiced Winter Ale 5% 
  • Spring Saison 5.7% - A complex blend of flavours from malt and yeast; with citrus fruit and black pepper added to the kettle. Full bodies yet crisp, plus a notable citrus zest and snappy hop biter- the perfect spring quencher! 
  • Queen of Spades, Maibock 6.3% 
  • Imperial Pilsner 6.9% - Subtle honey aroma, with notes of earthy floral hops. Malty sweetness melds with floral and mellow lemon hop flavours. Finishes almost dry with a pleasant herbal hop character. 
  • Mimosa Kolsch 5.5% - Made with mandarin and blood oranges – it’s light, effervescent and full of flavor! This kolsch is great at any time of day! 
  • Lemon Lavender Radler 3% - The opening explodes in effervescence, tart, and tangy and encompassing the palate. The aroma is bright and fragrant, with the lavender broadening the tangy lemon, creating floral citrus sensations. 



A dream business for two beer lovers. After brewing in their home for 10 years, they took the risk and started Winterlong Brewing in 2014. It started as a small tasting room and has quickly expanded into a favourite spot for an afternoon beer and snacks. Some of our favourite from Winterlong are: 

  • Pingo Pale Ale, 5% 
  • Weekend Warrier IPA, 6.5% 
  • Sweater Weather Oatmeal Stout, 5.5% 
  • Mountain Hero Saison, 6% 

And their seasonals include: 

  • Spruce Tip Seasonal Pale Ale, 5% 
  • Log Splitter Smoked Porter, 6% 
  • Guilt Trip Barleywine, 9% 
  • Erebus Russian Imperial Stout, 8% 
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