Go Zero with Goal Zero

Trying to keep all of your latest gadgets alive while trying to explore the great outdoors? Look no further – Goal Zero has got you covered.

Their mission: “To empower people with a bright, safe, connected, and sustainable future by delivering smart, portable power solution designed for everyone, everywhere.”

Goal Zero began as an initiative to help people. It first started in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Goal Zero provided power and light for businesses and families to help them become more self sufficient. This initiative made a large impact for the individuals and the community (something all of us at overland Yukon, truly admire). The results led to the assembly of a team of designers and engineers who created an entire line of solar powered products with the end goal of improving the life of human experience.

Our favourite product is the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Power Station and Nomad 14 Plus Kit. This unit collects power from the sun thruough the Nomad 14 Plus Solar Panel and stores it in the Yeti 150 power station. It can also be added to any rental through Overland Yukon. 

Yeti 150 Highlights include:

  • Plug-and-play, silent, fume-free, power. 150Wh, 14 Ah (12V) battery capacity.
  • Variety of powering options including: two USB ports, an AC outlet and 12V output.
  • Portable 12 lbs (5.4 kg) power station for keeping lights, phones, and laptops charged while camping, in case of an emergency, or wherever you may need power.

Nomad 14 Plus Highlights:

  • 14 Watt (18-22V) panel features detachable kickstand providing optimal angle placement and weatherproof laying.
  • Features a dynamic auto-restart and intelligent electronics that optimize output to match the device to best charge you phone and other USB devices.
  • Easy-to-read LED indicator displays the strength of solar conditions. Allows you to adjust your panel-to-sun placement for improved solar performance.

What can the Yeti 150 power?

  • Smartphone 9-12 recharges
  • POV Camera 25 recharges
  • Headlamp 25-50 recharges
  • Tablet 6 recharges
  • Laptop 1-2 recharges
  • Light-a-life 50 hours

For more information on the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Power Station + Nomad 14 Plus Kit get in touch with us. Or add it to your Overland Yukon rental for an additional $10 per day. 

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