The Top 3 Campgrounds in the Yukon

There are over 60 campgrounds and day-use recreation sites in the Yukon. We’re here to help you find the best of the 60.

All Yukon Government sites are services from May to September. These services include free firewood, garbage collection and outhouse maintenance. Use of campgrounds are open year-round; however, the services are limited outside of May-September.

1. Conrad Campground

  • Yukon Parks

  • Fee: $12.00

  • Location: Southern Lakes

  • Campsites: 35

  • Amenities: Hiking trails, water, outhouses & wheel chair access.

What ranks it at the top? Conrad campground is located right on Tagish Lake (16KM from Carcross). There are many hikes in the area that boast great views (Nares Mountain, Venus Mine Site & teh Sam McGee Trail). After hiking, Caribou Coffee is a great place to grab a coffee and a snack.

You can see the Conrad Campground to the right of the photo along the shoreline. Must we say more?

Conrad Campground

2. Kathleen Lake

  • Parks Canada

  • Fee: $12.00

  • Location: Kluane National Park

  • Campsites: 39

  • Amenities: Hiking trails, water, outhouses, wheel chair access & bear proof storage lockers..

What makes Kathleen Lake rank in our top three? Kathleen Lake is an amazing site. Located in Kluane National Park, mountains fill the area and you are immersed in wilderness. The popular hike, Kings Throne is minutes from the campground.

Kathleen Lake

3. Quill Creek

  • Wilderness Camping

  • Fee: Free

  • Location: Kluane National Park

  • Campsites: N/A

  • Amenities: N/A

Quill Creek rounds out our final spot. Why? You don’t have to venture into the back country to be immersed in beautiful mountain scenery. Quill Creek is an isolated creek running through the Hines Highway. small pullout allows you to drive down onto the creek side making for an epic camping spot. Watch the video and let us know if you agree.

Overland Yukon