Team Building in the Yukon

The Yukon has been making waves lately. Increasing tourism, hosted events and leadership among First Nation Governments. Whitehorse is the gateway into the Yukon and usually the first stop for incoming tourists or business persons. Regularly scheduled flights arrive from BC and Alberta with summer demand hailing in a weekly flight from Germany.

Dubbed the Wilderness City, Whitehorse is the perfect location to bring teams or events. Outside of the events, teams, colleagues and event hosts can connect in meaningful ways. One of those ways is through an Overland Yukon adventure.

Overland Yukon provides top recommendations for interactive, engaging activities and allows people to get out and explore the Yukon (maybe even Alaska). Upon request, Overland Yukon can host a guided tour connecting people beyond office interactions. This type of experience can lead to more engaged employees, and rejuvenated work.

Overland Yukon Corporate Team Building
Overland Yukon