White Water Rafting in the Yukon

If you’re looking for an adventure on the water in the Yukon, white water rafting is an activity for all ages and experience. The two main rivers for rafting excursions are the Tatshenhini River and the Tushi River. Both offer a variety of classes with options to go over waterfalls or portage around them. 

White water rafting is an amazing way to experience the Yukon It offers a unique experience and access to pristine and untouched wilderness.  The natural beauty that lies tucked away along these remote rivers is worth a movie ticket. While floating the rivers, you’ll find yourself gazing ahead pondering who painted the backdrops.

These rivers can be rafted on your own, but we recommend using a guide if you do not have adequate experience.  Don't forget to bring the best camera lenses you have – your eyes. 

8 Whitewater Rafting Safety Tips

  1. Go with the professionals – ensure you inquire on how long they’ve been in business, what training the guides have and who oversees training protocols and permit. Tatshenhini Expediting is one of our favourites! 
  2. Wear a helmet – Battles between rocks and human skulls don’t usually end well for the human skulls. 
  3. Always wear a flotation device – No matter how ‘good’ you think you are, the cold Yukon waters can catch you off guard when bumped out of a boat. Ensure the device fits properly and is tight enough so it won’t be pulled over your head. 
  4. Hold the paddle properly – Save your boat mates by learning how to hold the paddle properly, no one wants a black eyes in all of their Yukon/Alaska adventure photos. 
  5. “Never get out of the boat” – When bumped out of the boat from hitting a rock, a stopper wave, a waterfall, etc. DO NOT PANIC. Your guide will go over this before departing but more often than not, you’ll be able to swim back to the boat or to shore safely.  
  6. Don’t forget the bells and whistles – Remember to bring thermal underwear to wear underneath the wet suit providing by the rafting company. A full day on a boat, in and out of glacier fed water can get a bit chilly.  
  7. Know the proper swimming techniques – Float on your back, feet pointed downstream, knees bent, nose and toes to the sky with your butt up as high as you can get it! 
  8. Pay attention when your guide before departing on your trip – Your guide may go over generic commands / techniques before departing – it is important to pay attention so everyone in the boat in on the same page.  

Ready to add rafting to your Yukon travel itinerary? We recommend a local favourite, Tatshenshini Expediting. 

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