Overland Yukon – An Introduction to Overlanding

Overland travel provides a different perspective to travelling. Rather than flying between must see places, points of interest or towns, overland travel gives you access to remote areas that other travelers don’t see. Travel becomes an adventurer and you become immersed in more than just mainstream tourism. You see culture, mountains, lakes, people, animals and experience a sense of connection with everything you do. This puts the focus on the journey, not the destination.

One of the best things about overlanding is the freedom to explore. Think of backpacking, but you’re doing it in style (and with a Jeep). Now picture yourself overlanding in some of the most beautiful back country in the world. 

We started Overland Yukon to share this. The freedom to explore the Yukon and Alaskan wilderness. Growth and happiness doesn’t happen in our comfort zones – It happens when we put ourselves in new scenarios and have a willingness to step into the unknown. The north is remote but full of beauty and we're here to make it more accessible.  

Overland Yukon - Your keys to the Yukon and Alaska.