The 1,000 Mile Race

Have you ever had the urge to paddle a canoe for 1000 miles?! Well you’re in luck! 

One of the most extreme events in the Yukon includes a 1,000 mile canoe race from Whitehorse, YT to the Dalton Highway Bridge, in the Arctic Circle (north of Fairbanks AK). This is the ultimate race for paddling fanatics – 1,000 (water) miles in untouched wilderness, through Yukon, Canada and Alaska, United States.  

Only the elite will take on this epic, high risk adventure. Teams are left to fend for themselves with no backups or safety check-ins. You have up to 10 days to cross the finish line. The race is held in the same spirit as the early 20th century gold rush journeys through the Yukon and Alaska. The canoe and kayak route imitates the expedition of the Klondike gold-rushers. The race began in 2009 by Peter Coates, who navigated the rivers through GPS tracking expertise. It is now a bi-annual race that attracts international participants. It is known for it’s self reliance, remote and dangerous adventure experience. 

This race will test your endurance and mental strength to push through the 18 hours of paddling each day. When you sleep, you pull over on your favourite riverside bank and call it home for the night. Whitewater, fallen trees, and poorly mapped channels are only a few of the challenges that the participants will have to deal with. If anything goes wrong, the participants must backtrack up river to find civilization. The only support is through a SPOT locator for emergency situations. 

This year, the race will start on July 22. Registration is currently online ( and ends June 1st. We had a brief conversation with the race organizers and there are only a few spots remaining. If you think you have what it takes, saddle up and start paddling (and don't forget to register)..

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