Rooftop Tents by Treeline Outdoors

Tired of sleeping on tree roots and bad sleeps due to high nerves about bears in the area? Treeline Outdoors has brought roof top tents and car camping accessories to the next level.

Treeline Outdoors tents are light weight and easy to set up. There is ample room inside the tent so you can leave your sleeping bags, pillows, blankets and comforter inside when folded up. Optional Annex’s are also available to shelter additional storage space (picture a covered boot-room). The advantages to being on your roof include: no crawling insects, no wet sleeping bags after a night of rain, and no tree roots or rocks to sleep on! The sturdy aluminum, honeycomb base makes the tent super lightweight and easy to install. 

Treeline Outdoors roof-top tents add simplicity to camping and allow you to travel where you want. The only restrictions you have are A) the type of vehicle you own and B) how deep of mud holes you’re willing to go through to get to that ultimate location.

There are three main different tent sizes. The Tamarack Constellation model (sleeps 2-3 people) is Treeline Outdoors most popular model with the aluminum honeycomb base. The Lodgepole also sleeps 2-3 people but is a bit heavier with an aluminum and polyurethane base. The Ponderosa Constellation is Treeline’s mid-size tent, sleeping 3-4 people. And finally, the Redwood Constellation. This is the largest tent, ideal for families and groups of friends. With all of these tent options, you’re bound to have one that fits perfectly on your car, truck or SUV.

We were lucky enough to spend some time at the Treeline Outdoors Headquarters in Turner Valley, AB. While we were there, we were able to check out the amazing quality of these tents along with the additional camping accessories they offer. They’re huge promoters of Goal Zero solar kits which integrate seamlessly into Treeline's rooftop tents. Using these types of products helps limit our footprint while in the outdoors and enables future generations to enjoy the same outdoor luxuries we have today. .

Treeline Outdoors is the official tent of Overland Yukon. Each Overland Yukon rental comes with a rooftop tent (optional sizing) to enable a truly wild Yukon and Alaskan experience. Prior to departing on each rental, we will walk through the set up and take down of the tents so you are comfortable doing it on your own. Set up can take anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes (depending how quick you get). 

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these tents for yourself, Overland Yukon is now a retailer of Treeline Outdoor’s products. We’d be more than happy to demonstrate how easy they set up and show you the great quality of these tents. Get in touch with us through email at 

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